+Everything everything by Nicola Yoon

My disease is as rare as it is famous.Basically I´m allergic to the world. I don´t leave my house, have not left my house in 17 years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse,Carla.

But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He´s tall, lean and wearing all black. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly.

Maybe we can´t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I, Maddy, am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It´s almost certainly going to be a disaster

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Nicola knew exactly how to intrigue me since the very first line of this book, the story it´s so original and even though sometimes it got a Little predictable, I still wanna know what would happen next.

Maddy it´s a really strong character and her personality just fits so well with Olly´s, also the way Maddy was so anxious to see the world it´s just so sad and it remains you how lucky we are to being able to see the world and eat and run everywhere you want.

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I think it´s a really beautiful book, it shows how lovely a Young love can be and the importance of life.