On Instagram, Ryan Murphy posted a picture of the nine circles of hell and how each represents an American horror story seasons since Cult. The orders were

1. Limbo- Murder House
2. Lust
3. Gluttony- Hotel
4. Greed-Freak show
5. Anger- Roanoke
6. Heresy- Cult
7. Violence
8. Fraud- Asylum
9. Treachery- Coven

Now I don't know if Ryan Murphy is saying that there are only going to be nine seasons although I did heard that they were going do another season after 1984. However I actually want to discuss on how each season fits with their respectful circle of hell. I actually did this before but I don't think I explain it properly.

Let's start with murder house, According to the theory, Murder House fits with Limbo. Now this one sounds like a piece of cake, I mean a family moves into a house, they tragically died, their souls are stuck there forever and the cycle continues. However while I researching the first circle, it says that Limbo is where the unbaptised and virtuous pagans dwell. the souls that are stuck in Limbo didn't sin while they were alive, but because they were not baptised or lived before Christianity took hold, they were unable to go to heaven. it's very interesting because of most of character who died on property did bad and sinful things at some point in their lives.

the first owners, Nora and Charles Montgomery ran an illegal abortion clinic in their basement. in 1978, two boys named Troy and Bryan trespassed and vandalised the house with baseball bats. in 1983, it was revealed that Moira O'Hara slept with Hugo Langdon whom is a married man, one time. so when Hugo tried to seduce Moira and she rejects him, Hugo nearly rapes her. In 1994, Tate Langdon shot 15 students at his high school and set half of Larry Harvey's body on fire. that same year, Lorraine Harvey set her daughters room on fire with her and her daughters in it, making it look like a murder-suicide. In 2010, Chad finds out that his boyfriend Patrick has been cheating on him with a gym trainer and nine before moving into the house, Vivien Harmon finds out that her husband, Ben Harmon has been having an affair with one of his students, Hayden McClaine. In 2011, Vivien and Violet are held hostage in their own home by three people; Fiona, Diana and Dallas whom a fans of a serial killer named R'Franklin whom killed two nurses in the same house and are recreating it again. A guy named Travis whom was seeing Constance was cheating on her with Hayden.

The only characters whom weren't sinners were:

Vivien Harmon
Violet Harmon
Chad Warwick
Elizabeth Short
Margaret Harvey
Angie Harvey
Jeffrey Harmon
Phil Critter
Beauregard Langdon

Since the information says that Limbo is the hell were unbaptised and virtuous pagans dwell, so people like Vivien and Violet who never did anything sinful in their lives can't go to heaven because they have no interest. In the bible it says:

"Repent and be baptised everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the holy spirit."

So if someone like Tate whom has done horrific crimes were baptised at some point in his life and believe in Christianity, he would've been sent to heaven. Unlike the other nine circles of hell, Limbo is the only that is quiet except with the sound of sighing. In AHS: hotel, Billie Dean Howard mentions the murder house is different to hotel Cortez despite both are similar in a way. when hearing the spirits in the walls of murder house, Billie Dean Howard says it sounds like there are termites or bats in the attic, however Hotel Cortez is like being in a rock concert of the dead. This explains why in murder house, when a family or a couple moves into the house, nothing paranormal happens until their death.