This is my first article :o !!!
My first fictional character too, so many first things.

This will be a secret agent but It will be a lot like me.

Name: Santana Fiore (not my real name lol)
Agent Name: L or Agent L (L stands for Lethal)
Age: 22
Origin: Latin American Blood (Argentinian) but has italian nationality from her mother and arabic genes from her father.
Residence: lives in France (Toulouse) but actually covers all Europe for the agency.
Cover Profession: Chemical Engineer.
Actual Profession: Secret Agent


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Dark brown hair with natural waves, toasted skin, almond shaped brown eyes. Actually use glasses but contact lenses when working as agent or doing demanding activities. Height medium tall but quite big and have muscles because of lot of workout to be ready for work. Have curves but a thin face similar to photos.


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Knows many battle disciplines including personal defense, boxing and karate. Really skilled in driving best known in the agency as the best motorcycle rider. Plays the piano, very useful in most of undercover missions. Uses the engineering knowledge to design and solve problems on missions and work in the agency. Does the tactical work mostly on the field but also takes the agency's office work too.

Everyday look

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Uses many black clothes just because "black is not a color its a way of life", but makes exceptions.


Is a very serious person. Has a very formal way to treat people, doesn't literally touch others except there's a lot of confidence between them. its a happy person but doesn't explicitly shows it. Does a lot of jokes but from a formal or ironic side. Naturally avoids people not showing directly love to them but there is something in her about that way of behaving that people found attractive and likable and tend to get closer or became interested in her; against her will or all of her intentions. She deals with people quite well and gets profiles and humans types of behavior very accurate; but has times when prefers to be alone.
At first you may don't know what's going on with her or what is the point of what she is doing or saying but after time passes you won't be able to unfriend her. She has many friends distributed all over the world as she travels with the agency and works side by side with other agents from other countries.
Her starter squad in the division are her best friends (they were just noobs with expensive gadgets long time ago).

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Love Interest

Because of her personality she remained single many years while other were starting their third relationship or breaking their fifth one. But one day there was a mission which took place in South Korea. There was a soldier accusing random south Korean citizens of escaping from the north to the south, what caused rage between the Koreas and many innocents being declared to death. So the European division of agents send her with a team to help the asian division solve the problem. But many of the asian agents didn't like the european involvement on the issue; especially the leader of the tactical group: Kim Seung. This man was ordered to work with Santana due to the tasks they must do in the mission and the knowledge they share. Logically he hated her but slowly he became more attracted during the month the two agencies worked together. To her it was difficult to fall in love as she has never had a boyfriend before but finally love took place. And when the mission was successfully over. She returned to Europe with Kim Seung transferred as a special member of the european division helping and adding a new air to the agency with techniques and ways of development they used differently in the asian group.

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(When I thought about the asian agent I pictured him in my head with the actor Kwon Soo-hyun when he played Seo Ji-wook in the k-drama Abyss, but but but, there was no photo of him on we heart it so I had to pick suga a.k.a Min Yoongi from BTS)
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Free time

As a woman of science she is always studying and learning things to keep up with knowledge. Training for the agency and playing music; she can't sing but likes playing the piano to let others sing along with her music.
Also passes time with her boyfriend as any couple and learns new languages every time she can; she speaks native spanish, english and french. Learning korean was a must to speak with Kim Seung although he knows english and she's adding italian and german soon.

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