We were young, we didn't care what was going to happen. We just wanted to have fun, be free and live life. We wanted to run but wanted to stay. We wanted the nights to last forever and we wanted to forget some,

We would have rather spend the nights getting high and drunk instead of studying for a big school test. We didn't care what the future held. We wanted to live in the moment , we wanted to remember but wanted to forget.

Every breath, Every moment counted.

We came alive when the sun disappeared .We ran away every night. We ran to capture the stars. On the nights when we couldn't see the stars we drove up to the highest peck to look over a million city lights, they were dancing. That feeling we had in those moments it felt like we had the world at the bottom of our feet. We always hoped to see shooting stars so we could make wishes.
I always wished that my friends would be happy but we all wished for love and wished for freedom.

The nights were long the days were short. In our eyes we had a passion. No one knew what it was but we all felt it, it was always there. No one cared if the path was going to end because we would just create our own. We had no fixed destination, we had the open road and that was the only thing we cared about.