Hi Everyone! ♡
This is my first ever article :)

God is everything to me ♡

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I’m A Catholic Christian.

My Name Is Phoebe ♡

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Just like Phoebe Buffay, my favorite character on Friends!

I’m A Theology and Philosophy Student in University ♡

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I love reading and writing.

My Favorite Band is The Smiths ♡

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Iconic 80s gold!

I Love Coffee ♡

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I drink it every day- hot or iced! Lattes are my favorite, especially with vanilla or lavender.

I live in New York ♡

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I take the train into the city all the time. My favorite places are SOHO, the Upper Eastside and the West Village.

Roses are my Favorite Flower ♡

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They are just sooooooo beautiful

Cute Creatures Melt my Heart ♡

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I Love to Create ♡

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