Hi, I am back and today I am making a groupchat! Basically I'll be making it on Instagram. Down below are requirements and a few things about me!

Who Am I?

~My name's Minnie but you can call me Min.
~I'm 12, 13 this month.
~I am in yr8 rn but am going to high school next year.
~I'm sporty af.


~Haver Insta and dm me (mined61 on insta) your usernames for it. if you do not have either or do not want to be in the groupchat we can still be friends!
~Be in between 12-16.
~Girls, guys, and anything in between welcome!!
~Be as active as you are able to be, I refuse to let this die but that's a team effort. :P
~Be respectful to everyone.
~Hyping each other up and memes are welcome.
~If you are homophobic, racist, sexist, transphobic, etc do not bother messaging me.
~You can talk about sexuality, gender, mental health, family issues, but please put a warning before you say anything triggering. Realize that we are also not professionals, we are friends that are there for support.

I believe that's all, if this post fails I might post another one so that I can get more people.