credits to the person who made this.

Favorite animal
My favorite animal has to be Mary from Aristocats

cat, disney, and aristocats image lady, cat, and disney image

Favorite character
Ling, Yao, Chien-Po

mulan and cartoon image mulan. image

Favorite classic
The great mouse detective

disney and the great mouse detective image disney, vincent price, and the great mouse detective image

Favorite heroine
Vanellope Von Schweetz

disney, red, and wreck it ralph image animation, candy, and cartoon image

Favorite song
Everyone wants to be a cat

cat, disney, and cartoon image cat image

Favorite original character
Daisy duck

Image removed disney, gif, and daisy duck image

Favorite pixar character
Ratatouille and Coco

paris, Dream, and ratatouille image black, coco, and dark image

Favorite prince

prince naveen, the Princess and the frog, and princess tiana image prince naveen, the Princess and the frog, and princess tiana image

Favorite princess
Mulan and Tiana

mulan, red, and cartoon image disney, princess, and tiana image

Favorite quote
"If you keep believing, the dreams that you wish will come true"

cinderella, disney, and princess image cinderella, disney, and princess image

Favorite sequel
I´m going to get attack but... Mulan 2

mulan 2 image Mature image

Favorite sidekick

mulan, disney, and wallpaper image disney, gif, and mulan image

Favorite Disney park
I've only been in Disney world

balloon, castle, and disney image Temporarily removed

Favorite villian
Hades and Dr. Facillier

car, disney, and evil image gif and hercules image

Favorite villain song
Cruella de Vil

disney, quotes, and 101 dalmatians image Mature image

Least favorite Pixar movie
Finding Dory

dory, disney, and wallpaper image dory, ellen, and nemo image

Movie that makes you cry
Inside out and Toy Story 4

quotes and inside out image disney, pixar, and toy story 4 image

Movie that makes you laugh
All of them, but Mulan is the one that makes me laugh the most

gif and mulan image mulan, disney, and funny image

Overrated movie

disney, princess, and frozen image frozen, elsa, and anna image

Saddest dead

up, love, and disney image age, childhood, and ellie image

Song that always gets stuck in your head
I won't say I'm in love -Hercules (Megara)

disney, megara, and hercules image Mature image

The first movie you saw
Probably Aladdin

disney, aladdin, and jasmine image disney, jasmine, and princess image

Underrated movie

aesthetic, baby, and beauty image disney, fantasia, and centaur image

That's it! I hope you liked <3