warning: i am lowkey obsessed w Megan Thee Stallion sooo

[Genres: Rap/Hip Hop, R&B]

Realer- Megan Thee Stallion

♪Cut a n*gga off and my checks got bigger
Rich bitch shit, got a broke ho bitter
Hotter any bitch, I’m the hardest in the litter
If you think she bad, put her in, let me get her♪

Countin Up- Rico Nasty

♪It's upsettin' that these bitches think they better than me
I got the bar too high and it's hard to beat
Gucci shades tint dark so it's hard to see
The easy part is gettin' money but it's hard to keep♪

Mixed Personalities- YNW Melly & Kanye West

♪I think I got mixed personalities
This bitch switched up my whole mentality
This girl, she got mixed personalities
One day she's happy, then she mad at me♪

Shotta Flow- NLE Choppa & Blueface

♪Run a n*gga up, send 'em straight to the doctor
Two bullets in his chest make a fuck n*gga holla
I'm a big dog, Great Dane, n*gga, you a toddler
Bitch n*gga, you my son so they make me a father♪

Hot Girl- Megan Thee Stallion

Check my body
Oochie wally, where ya' wallet?
If I take yo n*gga it's nothing you can do about it
I'm the fucking hottie♪

Whatchamacallit- Ella Mai & Chris Brown

♪It ain't cheating
It's a whatchamacallit
This could be our little secret
A whatchamacallit♪

LOVE.- Kendrick Lamar & Zacari

♪If I didn't ride blade on curb, would you still love me?
If I minimized my net-worth, would you still love me?
Keep it a hundred, I’d rather you trust me than to love me
Keep it a whole one hund': don't got you, I got nothin'♪

Simon Says- Megan Thee Stallion & Juicy J

♪Hands on your knees, bitch, bust it back
Through the tights, you can see this pussy fat
Through them pockets, I can see a n*gga’s racks
I’m a money making bitch, no cap♪

My Type- Saweetie

♪Rich n*gga, eight-figure, that's my type
That's my type, n*gga that's my type
Eight-inch big, ooh, that's good pipe
Bad bitch, I'ma ride the dick all night♪

Cash Shit- Megan Thee Stallion & DaBaby

♪I be cool on 'em, bitch, ain't no pressure
'Til I met this lil' freak, her name Megan
This lil' thing here a stallion, look how she walk
Look how she talk, she sexy♪

Surgery- Renni Rucci

I hit the booth and do surgery
Most of these bitches be irking me
So I cut 'em off just like surgery♪