basic info:

zodiac sign: aries
ethnicity: latina

2020, body art, and painting image girly, hands, and ink image
she has thick, shoulder length, black hair and dark brown eyes. she has thick eyebrows. her skin is light brown. she is dainty and fast, and she has a tattoo on her upper thigh where it's hidden. also lots of beauty marks.
fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image outfit, clothes, and green image aesthetic, plants, and art image fashion, outfit, and style image dress, fashion, and aesthetic image aesthetic, clothes, and rainbow image
colorful and oversized clothing
blood status:
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
muggleborn. when she was younger, she always told her parents she could do magic but they assumed it was just one of those made up little kid stories.
bunny and rabbit image flowers, aesthetic, and cottagecore image flowers, aesthetic, and nature image blueberry, aesthetic, and fruit image
she's shy but loud and funny once you get to know her. although, it takes a while for her to get comfortable enough with people to get to that stage. she is studious, stubborn, and protective. she is very good at bending rules without breaking them.
food, pie, and cake image book, aesthetic, and reading image harry potter, hogwarts, and castle image baking, breakfast, and coffee image
baking, reading, and exploring. she made fred and george tell her how to get into the kitchens just so she could bake.
witch, magic, and potion image magic, glitter, and potion image
she is good at making peace and finding solutions. she is also good at potions because it's so much like baking.
Temporarily removed harry potter, hp, and quidditch image
flowers, broom polish, and vanilla
wallpaper, aesthetic, and blue image quotes, curious, and stay image art, painting, and beautiful image Image by Xavia
or yet in wise, old ravenclaw if you've a ready mind. where those of wit and learning will always find their kind.
harry potter, hogwarts, and wand image harry potter, wand, and magic image
alder wood with a dragon heartstring, 12 1/2" and surprisingly swishy flexibility
cat, black, and animal image black, cat, and cats image
she has a black cat named nyx. she is clumsy and silly.
fox, harry potter, and patronus image harry potter, patronus, and expecto patronum image
associated with cunning, the fox has a place in many ancient cultures’ folklore. foxes are sometimes thought to be tricksters, leading the unsuspecting down a path of demise. the calculating fox can outwit its enemies with strategy and adaptability.
favorite classes:
Temporarily removed harry potter image harry potter image Temporarily removed
transfiguration, defense against the dark arts, divination, and charms
favorite places:
Temporarily removed harry potter, the burrow, and hp aes image harry potter and hogwarts image hogwarts, harry potter, and hogsmeade image
ravenclaw common room, the burrow, the black lake, and hogsmeade
harry potter, luna lovegood, and aesthetic image flowers, dress, and vintage image
luna lovegood. luna is her first friend considering they're in the same house and same years. they meet at the ravenclaw table after the sorting.
fashion image autumn, fall, and fashion image
ginny weasley. her and ginny meet through luna in their third year.
Temporarily removed frog and aesthetic image
neville longbottom. her and neville become friends in dumbledore's army.
Temporarily removed witch, gang, and aesthetic image
hermione granger. she goes to hermione whenever she needs help on any subjects, and she also joins s.p.e.w.
fireworks image harry potter, weasley, and aesthetic image
fred and george weasley. she becomes friends with them through ginny, because ginny is so close to them.
love interests:
tumblr, daisy, and ginger image witch, dark, and magic image hipster, photography, and sad image socks and boots image
her and ginny start dating halfway through their fourth year.
yule ball attire:
dress, fashion, and Prom image makeup and pink image Temporarily removed hair, short, and style image
she's not old enough to go without an older date. so, her and luna ask out some fourth years and end up ditching them to hang out with neville and ginny.
life after hogwarts:
white, hospital, and bed image aesthetic, biology, and books image
healer she works at st. mungo's for some time before taking over the hogwarts hospital wing when madam pomfrey retires.

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