I know, this has been done a lot of times, but here are my top 50 Girlgroup biases :)

50. Somi

kpop, ioi, and somi image somi, theme, and jeon somi image

49. Ahin

daisy, fashion, and idol image kpop, girlgroups, and momoland image

48. Yoojung

girl, korean, and kpop image crush, k-pop, and yoojung image

47. Taeyeon

gg, girl, and girl group image gg, girl, and girl group image

46. Hyoyeon

dress, fancy, and fashion image Image by Loup

45. Yeji

JYP, jype, and itzy image itzy, yeji, and kpop image

44. Doyeon

doyeon, kim doyeon, and weki meki image doyeon, ioi, and kpop image

43. Eunbin

clc and eunbin image clc, eunbin, and kpop image

42. Soyeon

aesthetic, girl, and idle image idle, kpop, and soyeon image

41. Yuna

Image by ✨ itzy, yuna, and kpop image

40. Leehi

leehi, lee hayi, and hayi image aesthetic, beautiful, and hi image

39. Sunny

girls generation, idol, and kpop image girls generation, snsd, and Sunny image

38. Sunmi

k-pop, solo, and sunmi image sunmi image

37. Dami

dream catcher, dreamcatcher, and kpop image dream catcher, dreamcatcher, and kpop image

36. Seulgi

red velvet, seulgi, and kang seulgi image seulgi, red velvet, and kpop image

35. Seunghee

k-pop, me, and clc image Image removed

34. Yujin

kpop, clc, and yujin image clc and yoojin image

33. Chungha

chungha, kpop, and soloist image chungha, kpop, and ioi image

32. CL

2ne1, CL, and dara image CL, 2ne1, and kpop image

31. Solji

girl, korean, and kpop image le, hyerin, and exid image

30. Tzuyu

Image by k3yk3i Image removed

29. Hyuna

hyuna, kpop, and 4minute image girl, korean, and kpop image

28. Momo

twice, kpop, and momo image kpop, momo, and twice image

27. Rosé

angel, asian, and bea image rose, blackpink, and kpop image

26. Irene

edit, psd, and red image red velvet and irene image

25. Yeeun

cube, gg, and kpop image yeeun and clc image

24. Chuu

asian, brown, and bunny image chuu, vlive, and loona image

23. Jessi

blonde, fashion, and gucci image gucci, hiphop, and jessi image

22. Lisa

beautiful, black, and girls image kpop, lisa, and blackpink image

21. Minnie

gidle, minnie, and kpop image minnie and gidle image

20. Mina

Image by ligma twice, mina, and kpop image

19. Bom

2ne1, park bom, and bom image 2ne1 and park bom image

18. Hwasa

hwasa, mamamoo, and kpop image Image by Twice owns me

17. Yeri

Image by ◻ YAMAZAKİ ◻ Temporarily removed

16. Nayeon

nayeon, twice, and kpop image girl, icons, and korean image

15. Moonbyul

gleam, music video, and mamamoo image Image by bearxseulgi

14. Amber

amber and f(x) image Image removed

13. Solar

solar, mamamoo, and kpop image solar, mamamoo, and wind flower image

12. Joy

Image by ◻ YAMAZAKİ ◻ joy, red velvet, and park sooyoung image

11. Dahyun

twice, kim dahyun, and dahyun image Image removed

10. Ailee

aesthetic, comeback, and ailee image amy lee, girl, and kpop image

9. Jeongyeon

k-pop, twice, and jeongyeon image Temporarily removed

8. Yuqi

Temporarily removed aesthetic, alone, and chinese image

7. Wheein

girl, girl band, and gleam image mamamoo and wheein image

6. Soojin

jeon soyeon, cho miyeon, and gidle image aesthetic, face, and girl image

5. Sana

Image removed asian, girls, and icons image

4. Jihyo

twice and jihyo image Image by jackie

3. Jisoo

Image removed korean, kpop, and lisa image

2. Jennie

jennie, blackpink, and kpop image chanel, eyes, and goals image

1. Chaeyoung

twice, chaeyoung, and aesthetic image twice and chaeyoung image Temporarily removed Image removed

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