I was bored so I decided to do this tag about me (also is my first article here so... ain't that good, but I tried)

Eye Color

Image removed beauty, brown, and eyebrows image
dark brown

Hair Color

Image by Aroma De Intriga hair image
dark brown but changes sometimes

Zodiac Sign

theme, jorja, and jorjasmith image Abusive image quotes, style, and aesthetic image quotes, words, and grateful image

Favorite Color

90's, accessories, and aesthetic image accessories, black, and cartier image fashion, outfit, and style image girl, red, and dress image fashion, style, and white image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion image Image removed
i love all the colors was really hard for me to choose some lol

Dogs vs Cats

Inspiring Image on We Heart It cat, animal, and cute image

Favorite tv Shows

friends, monica, and tv show image friends, chandler, and monica image Image removed Image removed

Favorite Drink

aesthetic, carefree, and fashion image coffee, food, and drink image Temporarily removed Image by mindfulweeb

Single or Taken

single, taken, and quotes image love, quotes, and single image


family, goals, and ace image baby, family, and cute image
only child

Favorite Season

Temporarily removed building and photography image
winter because where I live is always hot so i love when it rains

Mermaids v Angels

Image by حَـــنــان||ℋ𝒜𝒩𝒜𝒩 ✨

Favorite Facial Feature on Yourself

makeup, eyes, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Most Attractive Feature on Another

jk, bts, and jungkook image bts, taehyung, and boy image ear, earrings, and Piercings image piercing, earrings, and accessories image couple, handsome, and sleep image ulzzang, girl, and couple image
don't care that much but I can't resist a cute smile, a pretty voice, accent or size difference


asian, girl, and korean image book, books, and cafe image art, aesthetic, and boy image aesthetic, flowers, and pen image Image removed alternative, art, and doodles image

Favorite Flower

flowers, pink, and rose image branca, flowers, and branco image


brasil, edward, and harold image Image by giovanna vivo
I'm brazilian

Favourite Artists

bts, jungkook, and jimin image exy, kpop, and girlgroup image loona, kpop, and yves image iu, kpop, and lee jieun image one direction, boys, and bands image gray, kpop, and loco image artist, asian, and boy image crush image khiphop, zion.t, and zion t image ariana grande, vogue, and ariana image the weeknd, fire, and red image Image removed black girls rock, haïr, and ella mai image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
wish could put more
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