“ You sing a sad song just to turn it around” as Daniel Powter once sang, is what I like to do when it feels like my world has turned upside down and everything feels shitty. I like to dig really deep into my feelings and I do that by listening to calm and emotional songs, in that way I can really express my feelings and get over myself. If you had a bad day, get your headphones, get yourself comfy, put some music on and cry it out. To let yourself cry it out once in a while is really important and healthy, both mentally and physically. I want to share some of my favorite emotional songs. Cry it out, sweetheart.

1. Slow it down - The Lumineers


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”Slow it down Angie, come back to bed. Rest your arms and rest your legs.”

2. James Vincent McMorrow - We don’t eat


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“Never once has any man I’ve met been able to love, so if I were you I’d have a little trust.”

3. Daniel Norgren - Saddle my heart


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“Break up the window, get out and saddle my heart”

4. Malibu nights - LANY


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“Way too much whiskey in my blood, I feel my body’s giving up”

5. I can feel a hot one - Manchester orchestra


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“ I need a little more I think, because enough is never quite enough, what’s enough?”

6. Push the sky away - Nick Cave & the bad seeds


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“I’ve got a feeling I just can’t shake, I’ve got a feeling that just won’t go away”

7. Human - Jon Bellion


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“My mother calls I have no time to talk, but I can find the time to drink and smoke”

8. No rest for me - Jonathan Johansson


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“My name is lie and the harvest is failing. And the thought of my mother keeps my father waiting”

9. After the scripture - John Andrew Hull & Manchester orchestra


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“I hardly knew you, you knew me the same”

10. Wait - M83


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“ No time”

Link to my Spotify playlist “Cry it out, sweetheart”:

Thanks for reading and remember that you can accomplish whatever you want in this world, I believe in you!