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So today we are going for day... 21: 3 lessons that you want your children to learn from you.

First, I want to say that I probably am the only person on this planet that decides to do 30 days writing challenge, and does it for maybe a year. Not saying I am not consistent, but whatever.

So. Let's begin.
Children is a serious thing. I mean you form their view, their mindset and you make their future version! It's a hella scary thing. I mean almost each of us have said that we will rise our children different than our parents. But you know what? Even tho they did mistakes sometimes, I grew up to become a pretty solid young adult. I would be also proud if my child will become one as well. I mean give them the props. They did a good job, honestly. Now I have a challenge for you: go to your parents or whatever who made you who you are today and thank them. That's your mission for today.

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Okay, but now going back to the topic of this article. You see, now in my country, it soon will be 3 a.m. in the morning and I just got the urge to write and I am all emotional so yeah, let's go my dudes!

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1. Love yourself and be the best person for yourself.

When I say this, I mean the absolute cliche of it. Now, I am 19 years old, still struggling to love myself and guess what? Other see that too! They can take advantage of your unstable view of yourself. Today, not so long ago, I came to a conclusion. If I do not love myself and do not respect myself, others will do the same. I am fun to be around with, but I am in constant stress sometimes of people just leaving. And that's because I do not trust myself and my abilities. IT'S EASY TO SAY JUST LET YOU BE AND LET THE UNIVERSE DO IT'S THING, you may say and I absolutely agree with you on that one. But you can imagine how would you feel if you see your daughter or son just in your shoes right now. Ugh, that's not the best scene right now. At first of course, we have to learn it ourselves before we can teach them something, so I decided from now one, for the sake of my future I will support myself and just try my best to be my own best friend. Hating and shaming myself did nothing good. It just got me anxiety and headache. So we will see how it goes when I will try to love myself.

2. Work hard, be your priority, but don't forget to have fun.

It is similar with the first statement at one point, but everyone wants to be successful in life so we have to put in some work. We want to be financially stable, help our parents and just thrive. So let the work do the talking job for you. Also, don't forget to have fun once in a while. I mean we have to find balance. At young age we have to experience both sides of the world. And in the older days we have to enjoy life and just be. Otherwise you can go crazy, my dudes.

3. Respect others

Respecting the ones who deserves it and helping them. That's where the line is. If someone do not respect you or just makes your life like hell, leave them. I would say it like that: never start a fight, but you be the one who finishes it. So yeah, stay in your line, be humble, respectful. All the good will come backwards.

So... Maybe we had enough for today. I hope you enjoyed this article, my dear reader. Once again, have a great upcoming week and life in general. Don't forget to smile! And what would be your life lessons you would give to your child? Let me know! Smash that love button (Thanks for those 3 people who will love this article, haha) and see you again, next time!

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