Hola people I use this platform mainly to express how I feel because I can't really voice it to anyone else. This summer started off great went to Fort Lauderdale after graduation. Now I'm supposed to go to college but the way that process is going it's not looking great. I had a breast cancer scare may still have it don't know since I don't have health insurance, Let me start from the beginning I felt a lump on my chest and told my mom she thinks it's nothing but I think its something I will never know since we don't have insurance to go to the doctor. Now I'm trying to get a job but that's no luck, My sleep schedule is so off I go to sleep at 4 am or 5 am and wake up at 1 pm. All I do is eat, play Roblox (don't judge), and clean. I'm going to start working out so I don't feel like my life is boring and start thinking negative again.

xoxo ♡Sweet♡