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e-books or physical books?
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definitely physical books, I love to hold the physical copy, e-books make me a bit tired after reading them for a while, although sometimes I like to start to read the e-book to see if I should buy it
online or in-store shopping?
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I love to go to the shops to browse, find new books and see the different covers. I really loove book shops, but sometimes you find cheaper books online, so I guess I choose both
borrow or buy?
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I usually prefer to buy them, but sometimes I don't mind to borrow them
long or short books?
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It depends of the story, if the story it's good it doesn't matter how many pages there are, I'll read it anyway. for example, I love short stories
top 3 genres
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romance, fantasy and adventure
favorite authors?
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j.k. rowling, f. scott fitzgerald, stephanie garber
what are your favorite books?
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the harry potter books, a caraval novel, the great gatsby and percy jackson and the olympians
what was the last book you read?
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the last book I read was little women by louisa may alcott, it's a story about four sisters and their passage from childhood to adulthood, the ending disappointed me but was still worth reading
what are you currently reading?
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I'm currently reading tender is the night by f. scott fitzgerald
where do you prefer to read?
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I like to read in nice quiet places, usually in bed
do you use bookmarks?
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yes!! I love bookmarks, they are very useful
do you highlight quotes in books?
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no! I would feel like I was ruining them if I did that. when I really like a quote I look on google afterwards and write it down
what books do you want to read?
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so many! but at the moment mostly jane eyre by charlotte brontë, the night circus by erin morgenstern and the beautiful and damned by f. scott fitzgerald