there are thing in this world like pollution , bullying racism that we all consider taboo of wrong . but there a right and wrong to everything rather it be nit doing it but still an option to what we want to know about . if we stop pollution theres now climate change , without climate chang there a factor of no change , no chage sins always good ,or bad but oct times in the middle. it mail what we can do to try to change whats bad to whats good , people over exaggerate to create drama ,no matter how hard you truly try to avoid it , it mer impossible . you can try to avoid change , or you can try to embrass whats good about it and tow what you can for the good thing s i life , like getting into college , or graduating to the next grade ,or moving to a p;ace were you can improve and try to , do what yu can to change the world for the better because the direction were going on earth is not good mainly because of what we see in drama , pollution ,politic . people a;ways fell so intuited to there own opiun that they often lose site of others people opunis . an we hurt break and destroy.