Hello! This is my first article and I'm a series addict... so I just combined both :)

my inspiration »

a ship that warms my heart

anne and gilbert - anne with an e

anne with an e, anne shirley, and shirbert image
burn slow, baby... i'll be waiting

a ship that had me at "hello"

bellamy and clarke - the 100 + jules and sam - flashpoint

the 100, bellarke, and clarke image Best, flashpoint, and lovethem image
i love them sm

dislike turned into love

rory and logan - gilmore girls

Temporarily removed
at first, i was like "okay" and then idk how i was hooked

liked them and then no

ross and rachel - friends

friends, couple, and rachel image
they were cute and all of that but at the same time they were not right for each other. an on and off relationship full of problems... yikes no!

healthy ship

amy and jake - brooklyn nine-nine

andy samberg, couple, and first kiss image
relationship goals <3

problematic ship

ian and mickey - shameless

Temporarily removed
i f love them but they are not perfect (punching your boyfriend ain't right!)

unproblematic ship

rosalee and monroe - grimm

truble, sasha roiz, and david giuntoli image
clocks and herbs and wesen and love. i cri

dorky ship

syd and elena - one day at a time

girls, lgbtq, and netflix image
this pic speaks for itself

lgbtq+ ship

isak and even - skam

skam, isak, and even image
they are so wonderful and they love each other like hell

deserved better

april and jackson - grey's anatomy + kira and scott - teen wolf

grey's anatomy, japril, and couple image teen wolf, kira, and scott mccall image
they were meant to be and everyone that doesn't agree is wrong :)

a ship with a happy ending

lydia and stiles - teen wolf

Image removed
i was hoping for more but i am glad they ended up together

a ship with a sad ending

tara and jax - sons of anarchy

Temporarily removed
i loved them even though they were fucked up and toxic. i am not proud

a badass ship

nikita and michael - nikita

Nikita, shane west, and maggie q image
kicking ass and making love

a ship I didn't expect to love as much as I do

jemma and fitz - agents of shield

fitzsimmons, agents of shield, and jemma simmons image
i will go down with this ship

a ship everyone loves but i don't

scott and allison - teen wolf

teen wolf, couple, and allison argent image
they're cute but i don't like them together

AND THIS ALL FOR TODAY. I have so many ships that I truly love but i can't put them all here so this is what y'all will get :)))