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If I were a Winx Club member

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eye, eyes, and snow image broken, mirror, and face image
Juniper [Princess and Guardian Fairy of the Ice Kingdom]

Fairy Power

gif, snow, and hand image
Fairy of ice and snow


Temporarily removed blue, cheekbones, and eyes image
Pixie blonde hair, blue eyes, thick eyebrows, freckles


amazing, art, and beautiful image ice, white, and pale image cold, forest, and landscape image snow, winter, and cold image
Icicles, Snowflakes, Red nails, Pine trees


amazing and funny image black and white, grey, and party image aesthetic, slytherin, and quotes image quotes, sarcasm, and sarcastic image
Funny, Blunt, Clever, Shy and Quiet at first, Sarcastic, Partier


fitness, glitter, and long legs image
long legs and arms


christmas, snow, and winter image Temporarily removed
Snow globe and the Northern Lights Wands


snow, winter, and aesthetic image Image by curadetomillo
Fairy Magic, Temperature control, Ice/Water Manipulation, Water/Ice Absorption, Teleportation, Winter, Flying


diamond, jewelry, and manicure image Image removed Image by 𝒓𝒂𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒍 ‍ Temporarily removed
Nail art, shopping, ice sculpting, flying, partying, gossiping, flirting

Fairy Wings

fairy, wings, and aesthetic image
White, Transparent and Dragonfly like

Fairy Look

fashion, style, and winter image fashion, girl, and shoes image aesthetic, ring, and gloves image high, spring, and summer image
Faux fur top and hood, gloves, white bottoms, thigh high boots

Modern Look

Temporarily removed happy, jewelry, and pretty image chic, fashion, and girl image boots, fashion, and riding boots image
Ear muffs, puffy sleeved shirts, high waisted jeans, riding boots


gif and polar bear cub image
Iclyn [Polar Bear Cub]


ice and frozen image
Ice Kingdom


Brandon [Stella's Boyfriend]

brandon, club winx, and las winx image boy, men, and black and white image
Juniper and Brandon had a relationship before he met Stella, but she has always missed him since they broke up. Juniper has had her fair share of hookups and boyfriends since but she will always have a place in her heart for Brandon. She always makes jokes and flirts with him hoping he will return to her.