They say it takes four minutes before the brain shuts down when you're drowning. I can't imagine a more horrible death.
I have read, however, that in the last moments, before losing consciousness, the body releases thousands of endorphins ; like a paradise on earth. Spending your last moments in a state of bliss and peace. Maybe it's all bullshit. I don't know what the truth is and I hope I never find out, but we all need something to believe in. Something that will protect us from the horror of everyday life. I chose to see beauty in this world, it doesn't mean I can't recognize evil. There are many things I no longer believe in, and yet, I like to think that there is more light than darkness, that love is really the last answer. Without love, without curiosity, I would have had no reason to move in one direction. Maybe I could say that love saved me, that it guided me, like a candle always lit. I still have a long way ahead of me but I hope there is always love to guide me on this long journey. Above all, I hope I never tire of the simple things in life and beauty that I can see in it. As the light reflects on the wet asphalt, the chirping of birds in the morning, when you return from a day at the sea with a tiredness that only the waves give you year and under the sheets you can still feel the salt on the skin even after a shower. The smell of my grandparents' house, the sun seeping through the trees. I always get emozious... I have tears for everything and I hope I never get tired of this.

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