hi, this is my to-do list for the next couple of days i'm trying to become more productive this summer.

go over my calorie limit on myfitnesspal bc i’m a rebel and bc i'm a fat fucking bitch and wtf is it really gonna do tell me to stop eating?

listen to bing bong zoo by peppa pig that shit mf slaps

last night my phone dropped down the side of my bed but i was so tired i just left it there and went to sleep so i need to pick that mf up and charge it so that i can look at minion memes

commit mass genocide against ppl who abbreviate words that don’t need to be abbreviated

make some friends lmao i’m so fucking lonely and pathetic hahah imagine someone not getting bored of u hahahah can’t relate

get some of that good old crack so it can suppress my appetite and so that i can become a skinny legend

actually clean my room and pack for a trip i'm going to in a weeks time

chug 2 liters of water, eat washing detergent and jump up and down for 2 hours bc i'm quirky like that

go and take a piss bc i've been needing one since i started writing this article

yeah, i guess you could say i have my shit together.