Hello everyone 😍😍
Well i've been using We❤it since 4 years and i've never describe myself... So here some basic infos about me and it's just the first part to get know me more ;)

1. Descraption :

- Full name: Feriel Karima ABDELOUAHAB. (I fucking hate my middle name "Karima" coz it's so ugly).

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Ps: People make me laugh when they spell or write my name wrong every time.

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- Age: 21 years old.

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- Birthday date: 13/10/1997. (97's baby).

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- Birthday month: October.

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- Zodiac sign: Libra.

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- Gender: Female.

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I support feminist and equality.

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- Eye color: Dark brown.

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- Hair: Short hair
- Color: Dark brown.

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I cut my hair every time am sad or bored.

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- Skin color: Brunette.

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- High: 58 Cm (Short girl).

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- Weight: 49 Kg (Skinny girl).

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- Nationality: Algerian.

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- Country: Algeria- North africa.

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3. Religion: Islam.

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I believe in differences and i sincerely respect other religions.

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- Mother language: Arabic, Algerian language.

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Thank you so much for reading! ♥ See you next time.

Big thank to all the incredible hearters that from them I took those pretty photos to write & complete my article.

Feel free to take this idea and tag me in your articles !

Love you all Xoxo. ❣