This is how I imagine the most wonderful summer I could have

renting a house with my friends over the summer

europe, world, and garda image house, home, and nature image flowers, nature, and garden image aesthetic, window, and view image

learning to live without my parents

Image by tenderlygirl girl, summer, and vintage image girl, summer, and food image cooking, delicious, and dinner image

having bonfires

night, fire, and lake image friends, night, and fire image fire, night, and bonfire image Temporarily removed

going to the carnival

couple, love, and hands image carnival, fun, and amusement park image Temporarily removed Image removed

staying up all night, roaming the city streets

girl, paris, and travel image drinking, fall, and night image friends, night, and party image couple, city, and run image


boy, indie, and friends image grunge, party, and vintage image Temporarily removed boy, alcohol, and drink image

going skating

vans, aesthetic, and grunge image girl, friends, and skateboard image Temporarily removed Image removed

enjoying the summer rain

rain, friends, and friendship image fun, girl, and rain image friends, rain, and girls image Temporarily removed

staying up late talking about life

Temporarily removed friends and friendship image friends, night, and grunge image american, fashion, and friendship image

riding our bikes around the town

aesthetic, bike, and vintage image bike, legs, and summer image aesthetic, green, and train image gay, gif, and love is love image

buying the food we want

girls and friends image Temporarily removed food, supermarket, and girls image friendship and friends image

going to a bunch of concerts

converse, aesthetic, and grunge image grunge, vintage, and alternative image concert, discovery, and gig image Temporarily removed

eating lots of fast food

Temporarily removed Image removed food, McDonalds, and mc donalds image drive, drunk, and fast image

going to the mall

architecture, boats, and singapore image sex and the city, Carrie Bradshaw, and new york image pink and shopping image shopping, girl, and city image

ordering food almost every night

birthday, happy, and junk food image pizza and girls night image food, takeout, and chinese image Temporarily removed

having a summer fling

boyfriend, couple, and Hot image armie hammer, love, and call me by your name image meme, mood, and reaction image love, couple, and boy image

going to the beach

sea, boy, and waves image beach, summer, and tumblr image Temporarily removed Mature image

picking fresh fruit

aesthetics, back, and inspiration image book, fruit, and aesthetic image call me by your name, peach, and armie hammer image summer and girl image

reading atleast one good book

book, library, and aesthetic image bibliophile, book, and peach image Temporarily removed Image by Maxien

playing videogames all day

666, bitch, and computer image Temporarily removed anime, aesthetic, and video games image animal crossing, bed, and hipster image

not going to bed before 7 am

friends, wine, and friendship image grunge, night, and dark image girl, grunge, and aesthetic image grunge, aesthetic, and style image

not waking up before 3 pm

Image removed bedding, girl, and honey image girl, bed, and sleep image girl, bed, and morning image

doing sports every day

Basketball, girl, and nike image fashion, girl, and Calvin Klein image tennis image Abusive image

getting a piercing or a tattoo with my friends

aesthetic, boy, and girl image Temporarily removed tattoo and art image kehlani image

have fireworks

aesthetic, america, and blue image fireworks, summer, and friends image Temporarily removed beach, blue, and sea image