i haven't made a music article in a loooong time so i'm back with some more music!

this summer has not been the hot girl summer we were all expecting soo i made a "sad" summer playlist. it's pretty chill idk.

on my own - jaden & kid cudi

hype, rappers, and will smith image

after a loong wait, jaden finally released his new album, ERYS. if u haven't, check it out! it's filled with bangers :)

king of everything - dominic fike

dominic fike image

this beautiful human fills my heart with nothing but love. i'm so proud of him and his music and he never disappoints. he's one of the most talented artists out there and if you haven't checked out any of his music, do!

basement jack - steve lacy

steve lacy, nelaiko, and photography image

oh my god here we go with steve. he's such a talented little man. he's in the band "The Internet" but he also makes his own music. his recent album Apollo XXI was greaaaaat it made me smile all throughout the album!

bags - clairo

clairo and claire cottrill image

clairo is the most precious girl, she makes the cutest songs that make you think of the one you love the most. bags is the perfect summer song and she's even been working on more! her new album releases on august 2 so be on the lookout ;)

those were only a couple of songs off the playlist i made, i'll link it down below if you want to check it out :)