wow! you guys seemed to really like some of my recommendations from last time, so i figured i could drop some more for you! if you guys would like weekly recommendations, let me know, id be glad to do so.

if you haven't seen my last article, here it is :)

let's do this!

lost in the supermarket - the clash (london calling, 1979)

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i wasn't born so much as I fell out / nobody seemed to notice me / we had a hedge back home in the suburbs / over which I never could see

no fun - the stooges (the stooges, 1969)

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well, maybe go out, maybe stay home / maybe call Mom on the telephone / well c'mon, well c'mon / well c'mon, well c'mon

dragon attack - queen (the game, 1980)

Image by 🦋 🌸 🥰 Queen, Freddie Mercury, and roger taylor image
she don't take no prisoners / she gonna give me the business / got a dragon on my back / hey it's a dragon attack

julia - the beatles (the beatles, 1968)

george harrison, john lennon, and music image the beatles, george harrison, and john lennon image
her hair of floating sky is shimmering, glimmering / in the sun / julia, julia, morning moon, touch me / so I sing a song of love, julia

ogre battle - queen (queen ii, 1974 ((this is the best queen album in my opinion)) )

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now once upon a time - an old man told me a fable / when the piper is gone - and the soup is cold on your table / and if the black crow flies to find a new destination / that is the sign

the end - the doors (the doors, 1967)

the doors and Jim Morrison image the doors image
this is the end / beautiful friend / this is the end / my only friend

emi - the sex pistols (never mind the bollocks heres the sex pistols, 1977)

sex pistols, punk, and black and white image sex pistols, steve jones, and john lydon image
there's unlimited supply / and there is no reason why / i tell you it was all a frame / they only did it 'cause of fame

white room - cream (those were the days, 1968)

eric clapton image music, rock, and rock music image
in the white room with black curtains near the station / black roof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings / silver horses ran down moonbeams in your dark eyes / dawnlight smiles on you leaving, my contentment

that smell - lynyrd skynyrd (street survivors, 1977)

lynyrd skynyrd image band, poster, and sweet home alabama image
whiskey bottles, and brand new cars / oak tree you're in my way / there's too much coke and too much smoke / look what's going on inside you

i wanna be your boyfriend - ramones (ramones, 1974)

band image 70s, band, and bands image
do you love me babe? / what do you say? / do you love me babe? / what can I say

ruby tuesday - the rolling stones (between the buttons, 1967)

Image removed 60s, Brian Jones, and charlie watts image
goodbye ruby tuesday / who could hang a name on you? / when you change with every new day / still I'm gonna miss you

i hope you enjoy this list! i am planning on making another one of these, and then possibly a list of my favorite songs from the 90s-00s and maybe a song challenge. please let me know if you have any recommendations yourself!