This little obsession of ours should've ended years ago... It's clear now that here we are again, looking each other in the eyes… Thinking how much we have changed in the past few years, but deep down we are still the same.
Don't be upset with me if you're delusional or if you're confused. Because my feelings for you still remain inside of me, but they're so deep, so lost in my heart and soul… 'Cause I am the ocean and you are shipwreck victim.
Wish I could say all the words my brain keeps, but my heart was not made to be on the line again. I know damn well you haven't changed a bit your character and the way you look at me makes me realize you don't have the best of intentions.
Maybe if I met you earlier in life things would be different now… Because this on and off thing we have doesn't work anymore. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time thinking of you when I thought I was over you a long time ago... Your obsession with me makes me obsessed with you.
I don't know if we are endgame, or if we were even meant to meet once again… I probably don't believe in destiny either, but if we are meant to be, only time and actions will tell our fortune.