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name: Josie Jade Greene
age: 17
D.O.B: 15th September 1970
allias: JJ


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Josie is portrayed by Madison beer


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Turtlenecks, skirts, oversized jackets, boots and lots of jewellery.


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Independent, free-spirited, stubborn, intelligent, and unique


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Josie is friends with Nancy and Jonathan, she gets along well with robin and eventually becomes friends with Steve


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Josie is best friends with Kaya and Cleo, and has been since she moved to Hawkins in year 5


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Josie has a long distance boyfriend, he has been her best friend after she moved from Miami in year 5, they got together in year 8, when she went back to visit her grandmother.


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Josie lives with her single mother, Candice, who is 39 (as of s3), and her grandmother, Marie, who is 56 (as of s3) lives is Miami.