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name: Cleo May Thomson
age: 17 as of s3
D.O.B: 24th September 1970
allias: Cece, Captain


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Cleo is portrayed by the gorgeous Grace Victoria Cox


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Sporty clothes, always a cap, cropped jumpers, sports bras, sporty track-suits, jumper dresses, white sneakers


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Cleo is free-spirited, emotional, a huge feminist, and always finds some sort of positivity.


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Cleo loves to cheer, as she is the cheer captain, does ballet, swimming, and secretly loves poetry


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Cleo is friends with Steve and billy


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Cleo’s best friends are Kaya and Josie


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Tyler was Bens best friend, and is 19 (as of s3) he always had a thing for her but didn’t say anything until he got drunk with her and confessed his feelings, they’ve been together ever since


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Cleo lives with her dad Felix, mum, Diana, brother Ben, and kitten Ginger