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name: Kaya Maeve Terrance
age: 17 as of s3
D.O.B: 22nd February 1970
allias: Kay


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Kaya is portrayed by the beautiful Halston Sage


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Rainbow shirts, mum jeans, oversized jackets, pink sneakers, and feminist socks


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Feminist, positive, scared to love, and self-conscious , she’s extremely kind and funny


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Kaya loves to paint and listen to music


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Kaya is friends with the party, Steve, Robin, Echo and Reign


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Cleo and Josie are Kaya’s best friends


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Billy was intrigued by Kaya because she was the only girl not interested in Billy, nor scared of him, she fell in love with him, and was devastated by his death.


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Kaya’s parents, Sierra and Zack died when she was 2, and she was raised by her grandparents, with her sisters, Vanessa and Flora.


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Kaya then went to live with Flora, and her boyfriend, Caleb, with his sister Reign and they adopted a girl named Echo.