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1. when did you get into kpop?

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in november 2015 i listened to dope by bts and it lured me in!

2. who's your favourite girl group?

Image removed clc image
i love twice and recently i've liked clc a lot!! been listening to me(美) on repeat

3. who's your favourite boy group?

nct and nct 127 image 100, aesthetic, and edit image nct, taeyong, and nct u image kpop, jeno, and haechan image
nct, all units !! i wish there was a ot21 photo :(

4. favourite kpop song?

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my fav song changes what feels like every second! but from recent releases it's face by woosung...
nct, nct dream, and jeno image black, header, and twitter image
...and also boom by nct dream!

5. who's the prettiest female in kpop to you?

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(g)i-dle's yuqi is soooo pretty, especially her look in uh-oh!! also when i watch clc's mvs seungyeon always catches my eye!

6. who's the prettiest male in kpop to you?

san, ateez, and choi san image kpop and san image
choi san from ateez...actually all of ateez are soso pretty

7. what's a kpop song you dislike?

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go by nct dream, sorry dreamies :(

8. what's your favourite concept?

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summer songs, girl power / femme fatale à la sunmi, hypnotizing concepts like ko ko bop by exo & the 7th sense by nct u...and concepts that are stories specific to an artist like bts's hyyh!!

9. what's your favourite music video?

peek a boo and red velvet image peek-a-boo, red velvet, and RV image
i've always been a sucker for red velvet's peek-a-boo.... feeds right into the category of concepts with a story that i love!!!

10. what's the hardest choreography for you?

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every single one ahdlksad but a choreography that i have a lotlotlot of respect for is nct 127's cherry bomb...especially the dance break.

11. favourite underrated group?

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dreamcatcher!! idk if they're actually unterrated underrated but their style of music is so good and uncommon i love it

12. favourite female soloist?

Temporarily removed Abusive image

13. favourite male soloist?

edit, exo, and psd image exo, baekhyun, and byun baekhyun image
baekhyun, un village is THAT song

14. what group has easy choreography to you?

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not. a. single. one. omg. so just...shoutout to the kings of dancing seventeen who make every choreo look easy (even though they aren't)!!

15. what would you say if somebody asked you what's your opinion on kpop?

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that i love kpop because of the reasons some people might hate it. / no one has to like kpop but at least be mature and respect that some people have different tastes. of course the music industry from east asia is going to be different than music from the western world. / likewise kpop fans should respect that others might not like their faves <3 if you don't listen to un village, your loss

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