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most conditioners use silicones to make the hair feel soft and add some shine - but underneath that layer of plastic the hair dries out and doesn't get any nourishment. so instead of turning our hair to zombies by using this kind of conditioner, let's make our own hair care masks that are all natural and organic and even more effective:


  • apple cider vinegar - diluted with water so it's only about 1/3 vinegar
  • strawberries - blend and use the paste like shampoo
  • charcoal - get activated charcoal from the drugstore
  • beer (haven't tried that one yet)
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to make it SMOOTH and SHINY

  • avocado - blend and apply the paste like conditioner
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • basically any oil - scroll down for more information
  • aloe vera
  • glycerin mixed with moisture and some oil
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lil' oil guide:

avocado: high in protein, smoothing, protects from damage, soft and shiny
coconut: a bit heavier, rich care, eliminates dandruff
olive: locks in moisture, shine, against frizz, strengthening, improves elasticity
baobab: many vitamins, can help to improve elasticity
argan: vitamin E, soft, shiny, helps with frizz and flyaways
black seed: nurtures hair, helps against damage, antioxidant
jojoba: most similar to natural sebum, moisturizes
squalane: lightweight, adds shine, moisturizing, against frizz, best as leave-in treatment

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to make your hair a tad LIGHTER

  • chamomile tea
  • lemon juice
  • honey
  • purple coolaid - if you got a brassy blond and want a more platinum colour
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  • egg yolk (you can also use the whole egg)
  • honey
  • yogurt
  • bananas - blend and apply the paste like conditioner
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Apply the oily things on your lengths and ends and let it settle in for about an hour.
You can also leave it in over night with a towel or a shirt over your hair.

When you rinse it use warmer water first to wash the oil out easier and end the shower with cool water to make the hair shinier.

Apply the acidic ingredients more on the upper part and the scalp.
Unless you used a lot of silicones in the past because vinegar etc. can get rid of the plastic buildup on your hair.
Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

extra tip:
Nourish your hair from the inside as well through a balanced diet with many vitamins and minerals and consider to supplement with biotin, niacin, collagen or silica.
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Now who's ready for some hairstyle inspiration? ;D

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May all your healthy hair dreams come true! ✨

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