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1. adventurist or reliable ?


2. dad material or a career chaser?
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Since I was little I never had the dream of becoming a mom or even marrying, I don't take those two things so serious. Who knows, maybe in the future my mind will change. In my point of view I would rather a career chaser, because my dad is like that. He focus on his work and he also has time for me, but he dedicates himself to the work and that's something I admire in him. He loves what he does, he is happy.

3. dog or cat person?

Someone who likes animals, but I’m a dog person because cats usually don’t like me because all I want to do is hug them and they’re too independent.

4. rich in money or rich in mind and soul?
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Both, but I would rather rich in money. The truth is that we need money to survive. It’s the sad story but it’s all about money, and me as a materialistic person, I rather have a stable future without having financial problems. I also don’t want to be dependent on my man but I don’t want him to be on me.

5. religious?

I’m not a religious person, but I believe in God and I have faith. Although I don’t practice religion acts, but if my man is, I don’t mind as long he doesn’t try to change me. I don’t care about that, but we need to have similar points of view.

6. ethnicity/nationality?

It’s very difficult for me to find some attractive to the point I want to date them, normally I find celebrities attractive more easily. Lately, since I started to be more involved in kpop, I find Korean guys more pleasing… I never close doors in that aspect, but maybe Korean, European or American. I’m Portuguese but I don’t think I want to marry one Portuguese man, I just don’t think I match with them.

7. smiling with his mouth or eyes?
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I love seeing boys smiling, but I feel like smiling with our eyes is more genuine. It feels different, you know it’s real happiness when our eyes are shinning. The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

8. full or thin lips?

I really don’t mind about their lips, but I think I always liked full lips.

9. sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive?
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Honestly I don’t know. I can be both, I can be very sarcastic and at the same time sensitive and romantic, so I want someone like me. Who knows how to react and be in the right moments, but I like the idea of having a romantic boyfriend.

10. facial hair?

No!! I don’t like beard or moustaches, I find them unattractive.

11. funny or serious?

A mix of both would be good, but I would rather have a funny boyfriend. I’m not a serious person but when I am angry, I would rather have someone who can make me laugh and at the same time comfort me. I need someone who can make me laugh ‘til I cry.

12. tall or short?
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Tall. It’s not because it’s cute, usually I feel more attracted to shorter guys but I would feel very uncomfortable and they would be very insecure about it. It’s just because I been there a lot of times and I know how it is, it was always uncomfortable for both of us. So my man needs to be a little bit taller than me, I don’t care if it’s just 2cm.

13. eye color?

I find brown eyes very seductive and powerful, but any color it’s good for me, what matters it’s the way they look into my eyes and read me.

14. smart or hard working?

Probably smart. I love someone who can teach me, show me new things.

15. boy in soul or manly and serious?
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Manly and serious. I believe that a guy manly and serious can show more confidence on their looks and the way they walk, and for me confidence in a guy it’s one of the things that attracts me the most. But at the same time seeing a guy who can have fun wherever he is at, it can be very cute, so a mix of both(?).

16. short, medium or long hair?

Short. The same thing with the beards, I don’t find long hair in guys attractive, but it’s only my opinion, you do whatever you want to do with your body.

17. hair color?

I don’t mind about hair colors but black or blonde.

18. freckles?
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I LOVE FRECKLES. If you know me, you know how much I love freckles, dimples, birth marks, little scars, stretch marks and body sings, I find those so cute and unique! I don’t care if he has or not, but I wouldn’t mind if he had.

19. long fingers or wide palms?
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Wide palms because I have small hands and it’s more comfortable.

20. perfect teeth and smile?

I would prefer them to be perfect and hygienic, however it’s normal if they have a few imperfections.

21. noticeable veins on arms/hands?
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I don’t notice those things, however I find noticeable veins on the neck and the adam apple very attractive. The neck zone it’s really my weakness.

22. wearing shirts or t-shirts most of the time?
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Na Jaemin's style is one of my favorites. Also Jungkook's style.

A good sense of style it’s all I ask. It needs to be unique, it needs to be like him. But I like shirts so much, and the combination of both! Both!

23. muscular?
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I don’t like when it’s too much. I just want him to have a healthy body. Different from the other girls I’m not attracted to abs and a perfect 6pack. A normal body it’s enough, because I don’t pay attention to their body. But he definitely needs to have a nice cheeks like Park Jimin, if you know what I mean.

24. wide shoulders or abs?
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Like I said before I don’t care about abs. Wide Shoulders are an work of art made by angels.

25. loves to dance or cook/bake?
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I don’t know how to cook even though I love the idea of it, so a boyfriend that knows how to do it… it would be perfect. But I’m very attracted to guys who know how to dance. So I’m between both. But I can learn how to cook or buy a book… So a boy who loves to dance.

26. loves playing video games or sport?
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I don’t want someone who is obsessed with video games, but I’m too lazy to play sports… So playing video games time to time doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But both would be good, I love the thought of playing basketball on a Saturday evening.

27. wears watches or rings?

I don’t look at those things but I find rings cute in boys.

28. loves taking you to restaurants or for walks?
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My perfect date would be a walk in the park, so I would rather walks. I love the idea of it, it brings me peace and calm feelings. You can spend time with your love outside, meeting new places, enjoying each other company and the beautiful view.

29. sweet tooth or crazy about savory food?

I don’t care as long they don’t make me eat things that I don’t like ahahahah.

30. tattoos?

I don’t really find tattoos attractive, however I wouldn’t mind if he had a little ones.

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