-Do you sometimes get this elusive feeling that it is not enough stuff happening to your life, and your life does not feel as real as it should be?, the question slipped through Marco's lips, without his conscious decision.

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One moment where his attention was passive, and his subconscious chose to let out this remark that was laying around for a while. His old-time buddy Carl was sipping absentmindedly his beer, enjoying the coolness of the drink in the hot summer. They went out to this cafe / bar around the corner from Marco's place for a drink and a word. Marco was living on the tall side of the hill overseeing the sea, thus having the perfect view in such late afternoons. The only trouble was getting up and down the mountain with the scooters on those narrow and sometimes full streets. Carl did not mind. You see, unlike Marco - italian by origin and by living, Carl was an old brit, not even that old, who thought this sunny weather makes up for any inconveniences. Everything here seemed good to Carl. Not great, but he did not bother searching for great, when good was good enough.

-Not enough is what kills people's lifes. Carl did not find it necessary to explain his thoughts to the end. He thought you should respect the other person enough to allow him to unpack himself what you've just delivered.
-You think? What about too much then?
- That's a bullshit thought. The only too much i know is too much of bad stuff. And even that doesn't kill you. Not enough is what drives people crazy and makes them unhappy. In a way, these two are equal: just as too much, not enough is a myth that people use to make themselves feel worse. Ask me, it's a simple pathetic excuse for being bad at math.
Marco turned and looked at Carl trying to read what he means from his face and his way of looking. Marco was a little jealous of this: Carl's looks did not have a heavy depth, even when they were talking about philosophical interpretation of life happiness. Carl looked at the sea and his eyes followed the sea birds roaming above the water checking for fish.