Hello there, i am erika with another "days of the week as persons" if you are new reading this, its just me trying to make characters with the days of the week.

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lets start!

saturday, Sunday, and quotes image


he looks normal at first sight

boy, ginger, and red hair image aesthetic, Archie, and boy image Temporarily removed art, boy, and character image
Ginger hair, freckles and brown eyes.


He is too much honest and sometimes that is a problem.

aesthetic, cool, and edgy image mood image study, quotes, and text image car, nature, and summer image
He is famous for being the goofy little brother of Sunday and he always has jokes to say and his words are full of sarcasm.


pale, aesthetic, and boy image fashion, outfit, and clothes image edgy, fashion, and outfit image glasses, eye, and aesthetic image
He loves wearing clothes bigger than him and hates skinny jeans and loves his ear ring, it makes him feel more confident oh also he wear glasses and he hates them!


Temporarily removed aesthetic, albums, and black image
He define herself as the future youtube star, he loves to vlog and doing pranks to his school classmates.



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well, for the pranks, some people don't like to pass too much time with him so besides her brother, he has only one friend.


Wednesday, his only secret

For him, she is the most perfect human who can ever exist IN THE GALAXY, she is kind, pretty, and her smile…he loves her smile but he know she is out of his limit.

curly hair, natural hair, and pony tail image Temporarily removed

its kinda addictive to bring things to "life" so you should try it lol send me a message if you try it with something, i would love to read it.

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hope you like it!