life is exhausting.. it is full of dramas but sometimes loaded with good things, you'll never know which to experience the next day. we all have been dealing with different aspects of crisis in our lives so never ever skip a day of self care because you might have been needing it for a while and you're never aware.. so try these tips out!


this isn't your normal fitness activities, going to the gym and working out is so common and there's nothing wrong with that but if you want to focus on your physical and mental being as well, try to join in group exercises such as

- fun runs

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- jump ropes

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- yoga

- zumba

- group stretches

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☆ trying something new

- have you ever had try swinging with the use of vines?

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- have you experienced hiking a mountain and stopped to stare at the breathtaking view?

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- or did you ever tried visiting a countryside?

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☆ indoor activities

- blast your music on and dance to the music or sing along

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- serve your favorite food

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- read bible, devotional readings

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THANKS FOR READING! ☆ hope y'all find these helpful, have a happy self care day! ☆