I think almost every woman out there wants a different body from time to time. Some even obsess over it and want it constantly. I have never been able to be a skinny girl. I'll be the first to admit that horrible body dysmorphia as a teen had me believing I was fat when really I'm just a nice average. I have a little extra fat on my upper arms that will never go away. I have love handles that, despite my many times losing weight, will never leave me. My belly has a thin layer of fat that doesn't go away even if I eat at insane calorie deficits. I think my legs and my face are beautiful and exactly where I want them to be.

Sure, I'd love to get ripped and be super fit with a killer ass, but as long as I'm doing my butt and ab exercises, they look nice enough. I'd love to finally lose the love handles, but I've learned to dress in a way where they don't matter and they're not even noticeable. Despite the flaws, I like my body where it is. It's healthy and perfectly fit. During the school year I go to spin class twice a week. I eat really well. My body is in a good place.

Most importantly, even if I did deprive myself of having a life by eating perfectly and working out every day, I would only have that body for a few years. Once a woman turns 30, her body does whatever it wants to do and there really isn't any stopping it. I'm almost twenty. That's a mere decade at most to have this hot bod and get used to my old body again. I also want kids, many kids, and I want them young. As soon as I graduate in three years, I expect a ring from my bf. I'll get married that following Spring at 23, and be pregnant probably in a few months. Why get this perfect, amazing body to have it for three years? That seems so pointless to me. I'd rather live life comfortably where I am.

I get it. Some girls hate their body and the only way they'll be happy is to change it. Some girls are naturally very heavy or very thin. And obviously if you aren't healthy then I encourage you to change that. But if you are, then hey girl, you better get used to it because this is your body for life.