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Thanks for all the hearts and your response for this summer health series. Today we are going to talk all about hydration. We all know how important water is for us but not everyone knows the list of benefits staying hydrated has. So let's start with the list shall we:

Benefits of staying hydrated:
1.improved energy

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2. Better brain function - can help beat that evening brain fog

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3.Improves physical performance during exercise

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4.Aids weight loss and increases your metabolism

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5.Flushes out toxins

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6.Improves skรฌn complexion

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7.Boosts the immune system

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I must admit that this list doesn't include all the benefits but I did my best to include the most important once.

Now that we know how important staying hydrated is, let us jump into the tips to beat dehydration like a boss.

1. Fruit-infused water.

I always remind you how incredible fruit infused water is. It adds that side of badass to that plain old glass of water. Try new combinations, get creative. You can prepare a huge jug so that you can have delicious water all day or even share it with your loved ones. Try some with watermelon and peach or lemon. Once you get hooked on the fruity water you will never go back ๐Ÿ˜›

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2. Stay on the lookout for dehydrators
I am mainly referring to caffeinated beverages. Believe it or not, caffeinated sodas and coffee and teas actually dehydrate you. I am not saying you have to give up that morning cup of coffee or tea but it is important to accompany it with a glass full of water so as to counteract the dehydrating effect.

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3. Take water with you where ever you go

This especially applies to the beach or when you take a nice hike underneath the summer sun. Having water at hand will make it much more accessible than saw having to find a store nearby, thus you are more likely to take a sip or two.

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I hope you are enjoying this summer health series as much as I am enjoying writing these articles. Thank you for all the hearts and will talk to you all next Tuesday where I will be talking all about how to make your morning routine work for you and your health.

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Love you all