I still remember how I ran to my mom's closet with a bag for bread in my hand kneeling and collecting clothes like a mad person after I heard echo's of the enemies airplane.It was not the first time for our enemy to pass by or to bomb a bridges , but it was the first time I saw people's fleeing and chaos . I'd be lying if I said I knew what war was ,all I knew is that my parents kept their eyes on the T.V and that we slept in the same room ,where my mom even though her heart was in fear and wary kept saying that it is going to be okay ,and somehow even through the fog of destruction and riot ,it was.

As I grew older ,some days I have flashbacks as nightmares.This war scarred my soul even though it ended in about a month.

Till now I don't know why some nations think war is a chess game. They use poor souls in a ruthless strategy.
"Lets save this nation ,for its leaders are victimizing the people by throwing some bombs and killing those victimized people".
"This nation has illegal nuclear weapon, lets invade it to stop the usage of the invisible nuclear weapon ,so that we can control the fuel production".
"This nation has a lot of mines for gold ,metal and limitless natural resources ,lets keep the people in ignorance to control them".
"It is our land we were here ,so we can kill you !!"

"Lets classify the groups who are working to attain political and economical freedom as terrorist"

There is no beauty in war, there is just blood.
Who should we blame?when killing turned to a hobby.
who should we blame ?when people are thrown in darkness,fighting in the name of their nation like puppets without realizing they are not freeing they are colonizing.
who should we blame when the whole world know about starvation,yet the fail to move a finger ,they failed to speak facts about their governments .
There are much BIGGER problem or as I can rephrase it REAL problems in this world ,but people tend to fuss about getting stuck in the elevator for a second or about the drama between the beauty bloggers ,but what about the third world issues?
"Why should we care about their problem!"
Your nations caused it,to sell some goods!! "

wars are not pretty,but my country is..