I know it's been a long time since my last article, but a lot of things have happened that caused me not to publish an article.

So today I write the eleventh day of the 30 days writing challange from the we heart it Editor´s Team.

Let´s just start!

Have you ever forgiven someone that hurt you deeply? Why?

I don't think i've forgiven them. Even if we're always told to forgive people, i can't. I didn't forgive myself either. It' not easy to forgive or to forget.You just learn to live with it in the years that pass. Meanwhile people have developed in such a way that they even leave their politeness in bed in the morning. There is no one I'm sorry anymore. It is difficult for people to overlook their arrogance. They don't accept their mistakes and don't see that they have hurt anyone.

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Because of this I don't forgive people. It shouldn't be obvious or nobody should expect that you just act as if nothing happened. I'm sorry is important but not a thing that's been babbled away one that comes from the heart, where you can see that the person is really sorry and where you can see that your feelings are important for the person.

Okay that´s it ! I hope you like it !

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See ya soon!