I took 25 Disney quizzes on Buzzfeed. Here are my results :)

1. If you were a disney animal, which one would you be?

I got: Flounder

the little mermaid and best friends image the little mermaid, flounder, and la sirenita image
"you're flounder, ariel's beloved best friend! he's a bit nervous about going on all the adventures with ariel but will always stay by her side and be a royal friend"

2. Create your own Disney princess and you'll find out which disney villain matches your personality

I got: Cruella De Vil

2000s, 90s, and aesthetic image disney, quotes, and 101 dalmatians image
"you're quick-witted, sophisticated, and have a great sense of style. Sometimes you get a little frustrated if things don't go your way, but, you're also quick to recognize that they eventually will - since you always make sure that things eventually work out in your favor"

3. This ikea quiz will reveal whether you're a disney hero or villain

I got: Disney hero

butterfly, big hero 6, and disney image Image removed
"you're totally someone with a huge heart of gold, who is always looking out for the best for your friends and family. when it comes to confronting bad guys, you lead from the front. everyone wishes they could live in your kingdom! now just make sure to lock that evil villain down in the dungeon"

*4. Everyone is 50% Disney and 50% Harry Potter character - who are you?

I got: Luna-Moana

harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image moana image
"you're a total risk-taker, but in a good way. you'd never put anyone in danger, but you're always looking for fun new things to do because isn't life just more exciting that way? people may think you're a bit odd, but that's only because you don't care what they think"

5. which disney character is your dad?

I got: Genie

aladdin, abu, and disney image 90s, cartoon, and disney image
"your new dad is genie from Aladdin. Your new dad is fun! He can give you whatever you want, kind of"

6. This quiz will reveal if you're more disney or pixar

I got: Disney

disney, walt disney, and castle image Temporarily removed
"when it comes to personality you more closely align with Mickey and friends - but, you probably already knew that and wear that badge proudly"

7. Everyone has a disney prince that is their true love and we know which one is yours

I got: Aladdin

aladdin and disney image 90s, cartoon, and disney image
"he is a charming dreamer that is looking for someone that shares his own sense of adventure"

8. The vacation you plan will reveal which disney character is your sidekick

I got: Tinker Bell from Peter Pan

peter pan, disney, and tinkerbell image disney, tinkerbell, and fairy image
"your best friend is a bit of a brat and gets jealous easily, but when you're with them, you feel forever young"

9. which disney life lesson could you apply to your life right now?

I got: Don't let your regrets stand in the way of your future

friend, disney, and gif image disney, lion king, and lion image
"oh yes, the past can hurt, but the way i see it, you can either run from it or learn from it" - Rafiki, The lion king

*10. it's time to find out if you're more like Olaf, Anna or Elsa

I got: Elsa

disney image frozen, elsa, and anna image
"you're a bit introverted but deep-down you truly care for everyone in your life"

11. Which disney princess are you based on the snacks you pick

I got: Tiana

disney, princess, and tiana image disney, cartoon, and icon image
"just like Tiana, you're a humble and patient individual. you don't mind waiting for your turn, as long as you get your dream"

12. this color test will reveal which disney movie you should watch

I got: Tangled

Image by Maxien disney, rapunzel, and tangled image

13. which disney dog are you most like based on your random preferences?

I got: Copper from the Fox and the Hound

disney and cute image disney, friends, and fox image
"you're the most loyal and sensible friend anyone could ask for; however, you're extremely loyal to your family and your personal goals often come first"

14. rate these 15 disney sidekicks and we'll tell you what disney movie you'd star in

I got: Zootopia

Image by Umi Temporarily removed

15. Are you more like Scar or Mufasa?

I got: Scar

Temporarily removed life, lion king, and quotes image
"you've been called weird and often feel like the black sheep in your family. but you're just misunderstood! you know that brain is better than brawn. you totally appreciate loyalty and reward your friends. but you don't like to be double-crossed..."

16. why would you die in a disney movie?

I got: eaten by Ursula

Temporarily removed disney, little mermaid, and ursula image
"you're an adventurous soul who just wants to have fun. just make sure, next time, you follow through with your payment to Ursula - or you'll be her next snack"

17. which disney cat are you?

I got: the cheshire cat

alice in wonderland, Cheshire cat, and disney image alice, alice in wonderland, and disney image
"you're a bit of a wildcard, which means you're all the more fun. you're witty, creative, and while your sense of humor might be a bit wacky, it's appreciated by those who know you best"

18. are you more like sea ariel or land ariel?

I got: Land Ariel

disney, princess, and the little mermaid image disney, ariel, and the little mermaid image
I'm going to have to disagree on this one

19. which disney love song are you?

I got: Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp

disney, love, and dog image dog, love, and classic image
"it takes a while for you to fall in love, and when you do, it's with someone unexpected... perhaps even your total opposite. you dedicate yourself to making little moments, like those spaghetti dinners, mean something special"

20. which winnie the pooh character are you?

I got: winnie-the-pooh

disney, winnie the pooh, and cartoon image aesthetic, archive, and cartoon image
"you may be a little naive, but that's exactly what makes you charming and incredibly lovable. you're friendly, thoughtful, and always know the right thing to say to someone when they're feeling down"

21. which disney duo are you and your best friend?

I got: woody and buzz

Temporarily removed toy story, andy, and woody image
"although you both may feel like you're from different walks of life, the phrase 'opposites attract' has never been more accurate. you both work off each other's strengths and tend to bond over the weirdest things. you have both been with each other through thick and thin and your friendship is unbreakable. you don't mind being weird together and will BFFs to infinity and beyond."

22. which disney price should you hook up with?

I got: Prince Naveen

disney and princess and the frog image the Princess and the frog, princess tiana, and prince naveen image
"yeah you'll make him dig a little deeper"

23. which classic disney movie is most like your life?

I got: Cinderella

cartoon, disney, and movie image cinderella, disney, and princess image
"money, work, home life: it's all a struggle for you. you're probably dating like it's your job because as far as you can see, things won't be better until you find your Prince Charming"

24. which current disney channel show are you?

I got: Austin and Ally

disney, serie, and auslly image Image by Ana Isabel Lacayo Fuentes
"music is a large part of your life, and so are your relationships. you're often considered to be the romantic one in your group of friends"

25. which on of king triton's daughters are you?

I got: Alana

Image removed alana, disney, and the little mermaid image
"you like to surround yourself with beautiful things, but you're far from vain. you believe that looking good makes you feel good. people admire you because you don't get bogged down by society's standards. sometimes you can get carried away, but if you surround yourself with the right friends, they'll pull you back down to earth"

Hope you enjoyed!
Kia <3