mermaids or angels?

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mermaids. both are absolutely beautiful but there's something about mermaids that is so mystical and so majestic.

90's or 2000's?

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90's, although i was born in 2001

smooth jazz or beautiful classical?

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classical music.

introvert, ambivert or extrovert?

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ambivert. when i'm alone, i cant talk to people at all, but when i'm with a friend or someone i trust, i can maintain conversations and even make some jokes.

chocolate bars or lollipops?

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chocolate bars.

movies or books?

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spring or fall?

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spring! so beautiful and full of color! also, flowers!!

rain or sunshine?

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both! nature is so beautiful!

dancing or singing?

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nothing makes me happier than dancing. there's no such thing as a bad dancer because dancing is art, and there is no wrong way to do art. it's all about expression and freedom, no rules.

tea, coffee or chocolate?

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chocolate. it makes my heart warm and my tummy content.

what's your favorite song?

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the fifth season by oh my girl and say my name by ateez.

what's your favorite scent?

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anything floral.

when do you normally wake up?

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i don't have a sleep schedule, so i sleep very late and wake up late as well. on school days, i wake up at 7am.

what's your favorite book?

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my sweet orange tree by josรฉ mauro de vasconcelos. this was the first book i read when i was very young, and therefore is so dear to me. a sweet story about a young boy called zezรฉ and the small orange tree living in his backyard, who he can speak to. it's such a bittersweet story that'll warm your heart only to break it, and warm it yet again.

who was your first idol in life?

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before i even had internet and i could read about all the amazing women across the world, my mom was my idol. she still is, of course, because growing up with someone as sweet and caring as her made me become who i am today, and though i still have a lot of personal growth to do, i thank her for teaching me to be open-minded and respectful of others, and for teaching me to speak my mind always, and to not be afraid of be myself.

where do you go to study?

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don't take my advice but i don't study much lmao generally i just know the topic of the test so i don't need to study much, just read a bit to refresh my mind but on those subjects i find difficult, i study in my room at night or wake up in the middle of the night before the test to study.

what's your favorite childhood memory?

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i don't remember much of my childhood but i remember i loved whenever my parents had days off at work. both of them work all day, so having them at home, taking care of me instead of a babysitter or an aunt felt exceptionally special for five year old me.

what's your favorite subject?

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foreign language. idk why but i've always been good at learning new languages, and i find this subject to be very entertaining because i also get to learn a bit about the countries that speak it, such as its history and its traditions.

what is your least favorite subject?

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chemistry. idk, i just don't like it. it's hard for my limited mind lol

what's your greatest wish?

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to find myself, to understand and love myself as i am. to know what i want to do with my life, and to feel alive again.

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