I would like to tell you about someone I've never met but I know some things about her.

I was a trainee at the tribunal de grande instance of Marseille in 1985.
Judge maurice sarfaty told me about his sister-in-law Jean Manson, an American singer, who became a very important star at the time.

Coming with Joe Dassin in France in the 70s, she became more and more famous.
Recently she sang with the choirs of the Red Army.

Her daughter Shirel is so pretty and interesting.
My neighbors in 2004 came to the building where I lived with their little daughter Shirel.

At this same stage, I saw the prettiest woman as clerk and also Judge Noell's wife.
An incredibly beautiful woman, a mix of Faye Dunaway and other pretty women. Incredibly beautiful green eyes.

You can see Memona Hinterman this photo, she looked so beautiful in the 80s.

memona hintermann image

This woman helped me during my internship.
Tutanized by the oral report of my internship, she spoke for me. In a way, she had seen me so well for 1 month. She knew that I worked seriously, that I loved her very much, but with the fear of the world. She spoke for me, Mrs. Marie-Claude Noëll.

I did not know anything about her anymore. Otherwise she must be old enough to retire today.