I had a first crush. First love or whatever. At least I pretend I had. Not so sure how that happened. He was older. Two years older. I don't know if I thought he was good looking, but he was nice. Like a nice boy. Not the type that made fun of people. We played together, and talked a lot. We had nice conversations. It all started when I was nine or ten. Yes, maybe a little too little for that, but I didn't thought about him like that back then.

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Our parents were close, they were friends and so were we. They liked to talk about us dating and getting married, maybe that's why I didn't thought about him for some time. He had many girls into him. Prettier girls. They usually fought for him, I was never a part of that. Once his mother asked him which girl he would choose if he had to. He said me. But at that time I didn't liked him.

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We moved. After so many years apart, sometimes he traveled to the city I lived to see his family and passed by my house. We ate ice cream and talked about cake. He liked to swim and surf. That was the time I started to realize I could have feelings for him. I was twelve, he had girlfriends already and I never even had my first kiss.

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He moved to my city, we became friends again. Sometimes I stalked his facebook page. He won medals and swimming competitions. Our parents continued to talk about something that never happened. Even my friends started talking about it. We talked at school, sometimes I went to his home and he to mine. At a party he asked to make out with my friend. My feelings for him were over by then.

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He moved and I stayed. When visiting he gave me a flower mug, and his brother said he still kept the mug I gave him many years back then, even after broken. He blushed. He was drunk and I was there. He asked to use my phone and my friend teased us about being together. He said we couldn't because our parents were too close and something could go wrong. She said to him kiss me. He turned his mouth in my direction, but I gave him my cheek. He took care of me. We played chest and I won. That time felt like I've never had feelings for him.

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He moved away to college. His mom still calls mine. We follow each other on Instagram. He got a new girlfriend and I'm still here.

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