Secret obssesion

brenda song, netflix, and secret obsession image
It's about a girl who lost her memory after an accident and someone is faking to be her husband, a real thriller movie that definitely gets all your attention.


Halloween, autumn, and fall image
This is some scary stories that take place in holidays like saint valentines day, mothers day, etc. A really scary movie that I totally recommend if you like this kind of movies.

Sing street

sing street image
An underrated movie that deserves more recognition, it's about a boy that likes a girl and for getting her number, he decides to make a band which ends up really good. The songs are really amazing.


brick, fallout, and forgotten image
A boy's brother gets missing and after police find him, he starts to act really weird. But maybe not only his brother is weird.

The help

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An American movie that shows how maides were treated in the past, and how a girl decides to write a book of some stories of the maides.

The breadwinner

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A girl's father is sent to jail and the girl decided to pretend to be a boy so she can get her family food and money. An also, in this movie are some of my favorite quotes.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked the recommendations.