Good evening

Actually, it's midnight as I am typing this out; however, I am not ready to fall asleep. My mind is still pretty active as it has been all night. My mind has been more active than it has ever been within the past few months.
My boyfriend and I have science-based conversations often. We will go back and forth debating religion and this universe that we dwell in. While we chat about the purpose of life for hours, we have both concluded that there really isn't an actual purpose to life. The possibility of consciousness ending when we die exists. The possibility of consciousness continuing also exists. Either way, I don't think it matters. While I am here on this earth, my job is to create my own purpose. I have so much love in me that I want to give. I do not understand why religions butt heads with each other when instead we can just be co-existing and loving one another. Not only should love be a universal language, it should also be a universal religion. Practice to love one another no matter what.

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I am not one to bash someone else's religion. That has never been of my nature. I believe that people should be able to believe in whatever they want. While religious people choose to follow a particular way of thinking and living, I should be able to choose mine too. In my opinion, I see religion as a form of controlling people. The idea of having to follow a set of rules set forth but some ancient text sounds very cult-like to me. Again, this is my opinion and I am not to judge what other people believe. Ultimately, it is your life therefore it's your rules.

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The chances of you existing is almost non-existent. Your life that has been given to you is a gift. Consciousness is so unique and cannot be explained with words, but it is beautiful. While life may have no purpose, I do believe that living is a precious thing and I want to cherish every moment of it.