You'll already realize that when your friend is sad, bad, in trouble, you're there with him for everything, and you're the only one who does it.

And this friend is the first to turn your back on you when you're not well. And then you find out that the person you blindly trusted for so long was never your friend.

Seriously if you do not like the person you are establishing a friendship with or continue, because you may not have feelings for that person but she may have.

Begin to value those people who come to you when no one else is by your side.

Appreciate that person who brought up with you when I saw you sad, that person your friends said it was ugly, boring, a waste of time, because that person can admire you.

I know the day can be a real shit, that you really can't see any reason to go on, seriously go on you speak the pity, you will know the love of your life tomorrow or the best friend of life .

No one knows tomorrow will end the world, you die, you find someone who will become important to you or review someone you haven't seen for a long time.