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Tall and lean built, cinnamon brown skin, switch between natural hair and straight or wavy wigs.


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Energetic, goofy, and bubbly personality. Known for meme like expressions and spastic reactions. Can be sassy/fierce when needed but is overall a laid back person. May have an occasional mental breakdown but still manage to look cute and be funny. (Click on pictures to be entertained by cute gifs 😊)

What I'm Famous For

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Acting, singing (drop a few singles and an ep..maybe an album. Open for different artists), fashion designer, YouTube, activist


  • Casual
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  • Jewelry
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  • Street Style
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  • Red Carpet
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  • Interviews/Talk Shows
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  • In the House/Creating/Working
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My style is lost somewhere between streetwear and chic.


maggie lindemann and outfit image angelo, demetrius, and meechonmars image zendaya image quenlin blackwell image dope, hiphop, and lil image billie, blue, and psd image
Fun yet laid-back creators who love what they do and always trying to do the next best thing and make others happy. They match my energy and we shower each other with endless support and love. We all know how to have a good time and just laugh.


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A modern yet cozy 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom house or condo in Central L.A.


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I'd own a cockapoo named Frappuccino (Cino/Chino), I'd share a boston terrier with my boyfriend and name her Luna, my boyfriend's Siberian husky, Shusta, that I claim as my own, and my two pet canaries named Peeve (yellow) and Marty (red).


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Idk sis.. but he's gotta be foine, a feminist, and ffffff- treat me right. And maybe speak french. 😉


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