Hi, hola, I'm Sofía. Here i'm showing you MY favourite kpop groups. Maybe you care or maybe you don't, but anyways...here you have it.
I believe all of them are awesome, handsome, talented, sexy as fu... so i just decided to show you my top. (¬‿¬)

1. BTS

Sorry,i`m a basic bitch.

v, tae, and yoongi image gif, bts, and jimin image
Recomended songs: Dope, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Spring Day, Baepsae, Pied Paper, Am I Wrong, etc.

2. Stray Kids

Look at these powerful young guys, just look at them.

felix, han, and lee minho image gif, lee minho, and my pace image
Recomended songs: Hellevator, District 9, MIROH, My Pace, Side Effects, etc.


Have any of you said rookie of the year? Well, they are.

ateez, wooyoung, and yunho image gif, san, and wooyoung image
Recomended songs: Pirate King, HALA HALA, Say My Name, ILLUSION, Promise, WAVE, etc.

4. Day6

What I regret most in life is not having heard them before, they are full of talent.

Image by Valentina Tolotti gif, day6, and dowoon image
Recomended songs: Shoot Me, Time of Our Life, days gone by, Wanna Go Back, I Wait, I Loved You, etc.


I don't know sexier people and i bet you don't either.

i.m, wonho, and monsta x image gif, monsta, and i.m image
Recomended songs: Hero, Dramarama, Alligator, LIVIN' IT UP, Shoot Out, Jeaolousy, etc.

(Well, as you can see I prefer cute concepts \( ・_・) )

And that's all !
I hope you enjoyed it

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