inspired by: @kyutiemochi

1) when did you get into kpop?

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I got into kpop in November, 2016

2) who's your favourite girl group?

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I'm not really into girl groups but I like clc

3) who's your favourite boy group?

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you can say that I'm basic but you know what

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anyways, let's continue

4) favourite kpop song?

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at the moment it's boom by nct dream; they are literally super talented, I'm crying

5) who is the prettiest female in kpop to you?

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they're all pretty but I'm gay for yeeun from clc so

6) who is the prettiest male in kpop to you?

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all of them are pretty but taehyung (bts) and jaemin (nct dream)

7) what's a kpop song you dislike?

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peek-a-boo by red velvet

8) what's your favourite concept?

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rebellion; fairy tale

9) what's your favourite music video?

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jungkook - euphoria

10) what's the hardest choreography for you?

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every choreography is hard for me, lol

11) favourite underrated group?

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12) favourite female soloist?

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13) favourite male soloist?

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guess I don't have one

14) what group has easy choreography to you?

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I don't think there's such thing as easy choreography, Idk

15) what would you say if somebody asked you what's your opinion on kpop?

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I'd probably say I really like it because it's different and the songs have meaningful lyrics; it makes me really happy but some fans are horrible and they don't know their limits which disgusts me; also I don't know why people judge kpop just because of the language and say offensive things about the songs even tho they don't know their meaning; aaand Idk why hating on kpop is a popular thing, I mean it's stupid; also just because the korean men are more gentle and feminine, it doesn't mean they are gay, pls it's 21st century and it's time to realize that not every man should be manly and muscular

that's it, I hope you enjoyed