i wanna be with somebody and i think that somebody should be you
i will walk to your door and say this
then you will run away cause it is way too damn scary, I know

you think i will hate you for holding me back
and you are way too busy anyway for all this crap

i never got emotional
i never pined over a guy
cause guys ruin your dreams, but dreams can wait
if that means there's a you and i

i never met anyone who summed me up so fast
i am in the palm of your hands and you don't even realize it
running away to you sounds better than anything
even though you said i should stay, i don't know how you feel about that

it's was only a joke
you want me to thrive in my dreams
now is not the time to fall for anyone
i'd probably kill you if i don't go

i'll forget you if you forget me

it's not even nervous in love, just calm
like we are losing time and i want it back, it all

how should i tell him
"i've known you a minute,
but we should be more than friends,
so can i sell my flight ticket?"

can i let my emotions take control
tell you i wanna kiss your face all day
sleep in your bed forever

can i let my hands roll wherever they go
let them have a mind of their own
i bet you'd like that side of me better

in one day you know me better
feels like we should stay close
learn more there is to know, tell me whatever

i will try to understand
i can try to help you
i can hold your hand but across thousands of miles
that's hard to do

we had plans to go travel together, remember
nothings clicking in time
but maybe when i come back
you'll be free
and then i could say hi

if i stay
i'd kill you, you'd kill me when you get your dreams and i don't

or we wouldn't and it would be so nice, talk all day kiss all night
whichever; in the back of my head:
i am not fulfilling in helping and productivity
so i need to go where i'm already on the road to
and keep my head straight no looking back
faith in one day i will see you again