love, sad, and anime image

Coming to the fact that I am easily replaceable.

manga and anime image

Things get chaotic when I'm alone in the dark.

Image by pretzel<3

I want to express my feelings and thoughts but seeing the sudden change in people's disposition of their face,see that's where it starts I just quit talking and that little voice tells me no one gives a shit what I say.

sad, purple, and aesthetic image

I tired of people always telling me smile more,I just can't smile right now I am lost swallowed in self-hatred and feeling alone all the damn time.

aesthetic, dark, and grunge image

I need your embrace,your sweet nothings in my ear,your loving eyes piercing into my soul.

anime and manga image

Shit.I always think that if I stay away I am so paranoid

(So this is another one of my articles hope you guys can relate to one of these pictures.These are somethings I am feeling as of lately.)Hope you Enjoy <3